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You have found the homepage of Joel Mackey that lives
in Overland Park, Kansas.

Oceanside Pier Taken by Robert de Crevecoeur

Link to my apartment in Oceanside, California. I miss that place! :)

Joel Mackey graduated from Bonner Springs High School which is located in Bonner Springs, KS. Joel Mackey graduated from the Class of 1998.
I also graduated from Devry University June 2004.


Shall we play a game?

   I apologize if this page looks like junk. This is not my pride and joy. I have a network of websites which I deem as my "internet empire" that are my pride and joy. This site is just so friends can find me or contact me. To get JOEL MACKEY contact information CLICK HERE.


Click here to read my brother
Zack Mackey's editorial to the Bonner Springs Chieftain. The link is to the Basehor, Kansas paper. I will store a backup copy on this site too.

Click here for the backup copy. :)



Surf anonymously finally for FREE: this was built by the US Navel academy.


This is the picture of my family's cat named "Halloween", "Engine Rider", "Cat" and "Black Cat". Yes, he has that many names. :)
Read the Kansas City Star's story about The Tolliver Family and
how the kitty named Halloween made a journey across Kansas City
being lost and frightened and made it all the way back home.

CLICK HERE for the KC Star Story
if the story is not there anymore

UPDATE: This cat disappeared never to be heard from again on the Halloween of 2005
just a year later after this story was released. My family has a new cat now.

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Joel Mackey Graduation Devry University 2004
Joel Mackey
graduated June 18th 2004 with a BS in CIS (Computer Information Systems) - Whoo Hoo!
My Diploma is being held by DeVry University. I now focus on Internet Marketing for myself and clients.

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