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Happy Halloween Digg branded jack-o-lantern

You can’t pass up carving your own pumpkin for Halloween…

So I decided to take the tradition this year and carve a jack-o-lantern for all my Digg friends to help you get in the spirit of Halloween for the day. I hope everyone enjoys the photos and the videos. Sorry if I sound like I’m whispering or asleep, it was about 2:00am and I didn’t want to wake anyone up. :P Yes, I know the pumpkin is not perfect but if you don’t like it, make a better one and let us all see. My G’s slightly look like Y’s but hey, it’s hard to get those little pieces to float.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Digg on!

Your digging friend - webaddict

P.S. Now get on eBay and buy this Digg pumpkin …
Okay, Okay, I’m just kidding. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Diggers!

Pictures and videos of our pumpkins in the making:

Happy with uncarved pumpkin
Carving Pumpkin
Opening Pumpkin
Inside of pumpkin
Digging in pumpkin
Pumpkin Guts
Digg Logo Pattern
Finished Digg Pumpkin Bright
Michelle and her pumpkin
Inside of Michelles Pumpkin
Michelle says gross
Finished Pumpkins kinda bright

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Track Xbox 360 in real-time to repair facility

Yes, yes, I have experienced the Red Ring of Death with my 360. I’m not here to trash Microsoft or be upset. I’m happy they are going to repair my Xbox 360 through the warranty program. It was surprisingly easy and I’ll be glad when I can start playing a little Texas Hold ‘em on Xbox Live again.

Red Ring of Death 360Anyway, Microsoft shipped me a UPS Box with a prepaid UPS Shipping sticker. They give you a piece of paper with step by step instructions on how to properly pack your 360 in it’s coffin. I’ve been dragging my feet to ship it out of pure lazyness I suppose. So I decided to go down to the UPS Store in Oceanside and drop mine off. When I got there a lady was in line shipping her junk through UPS. The guy working asked if I was returning a 360. I just laughed and said yes. He laughed and looked over at the corner of the room where packages were stacked in the store to be picked up by the UPS Truck. I looked over there and saw 3 white packing boxes just like mine stacked neatly together. “Wow, you have 3 for today already?” I asked. He started laughing and went on to explain that it’s very typical that just in this UPS Store alone they get anywhere from 3 - 7 a day. We talked about Microsoft’s $1.5 billion fund they set aside to repair all defective Xboxes. He told me a little bit more about how usually when the UPS Truck’s show up it already has a couple in the back.

Wow, that’s a lot of Xbox 360’s being sent back for repair. I guess it sucks, but technology isn’t perfect. I’m just glad Microsoft is smart enough to replace the defective parts for free!

I received my Package Receipt from the UPS Store Guy.

I was reading a story on Digg posted by Four20 title, “How to track your packages with Google Maps and RSS

and I realized I you can watch my Xbox 360 travel in real-time to the repair facility with all this information combined.
I have already entered my tracking number and you can just click on this link to track it LIVE.

3 day shipping so this is short lived but will be interesting to see how many people are bored enough to track my traveling Xbox 360 all the way to the repair facility.


UPS Tracking XBOX 360 repair

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Alien Liquid

This alien liquid will blow your mind. See the forces of vibration,
forced air and an inventive display of science paired with a
dose of creativity and you get this creation.

Ingredients: Cornstarch, Water, Vibration, Camera, Science

Liquid displaying a magnetic field
Liquid dancing in twisting in an almost seemingly orgy dance.
Liquid almost walking away like a man.

Don’t believe me? Just press play…

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Perfect surfing skills with massive killer waves

Hands down, absolutely one of the most amazing surfers
I have ever seen. The catch is where you combine an
skilled surfer and crazy killer waves.

These waves would WIPE you out…

This surfer proves you can fight an utter wipe out.

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Ocean Curl Waves


Ocean Waves Sunset

 Low waves pacific ocean




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